Innovation Law Center Established in 1990, the College of Law’s technology commercialization academic and applied learning programs were the first of their kind to examine the legal principles necessary to usher science and technology innovation from its earliest stages to successful commercialization. Today, the Innovation Law Center provides a “win-win” for students to learn and—through the New York State Science and Technology Law Center—innovators to benefit from faculty-guided research into the legal, market, and technical issues associated with new technologies.
Community Development Law Clinic The College of Law’s Community Development Law Clinic (CDLC) is one of the oldest community development law clinics in the country. Founded in 1988, it provides representation for not-for-profit organizations and businesses involved in improving low-income communities.
Syracuse Journal of Science and Technology Law The Syracuse Journal of Science and Technology Law is a student-run multidisciplinary online journal publishing scholarly work on a variety of legal issues in developing areas of science and technology law.