Dr. Shubha Ghosh

Full Publications List

Recent Books

Transactional Intellectual Property: Cases and Materials, 4th Edition. Carolina Academic Press. Forthcoming.

The Exhaustion Doctrine: Comparative Law and Policy. Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming.

Intellectual Property: Private Rights, the Public Interest, and the Regulation of Creative Activity, 3rd Edition. American Casebook, 2016. (With Richard Gruner, Jay Kesan, & Robert Reis.)

Transactional Intellectual Property: From Startups to Public Companies: A Successor to Intellectual Property in Business Organizations (Cases and Materials), 3rd Edition. LexisNexis, 2015. (With Richard Gruner & Jay Kesan.)

Understanding Intellectual Property Law. LexisNexis, 2015. (With Donald Chisum, Mary Lafrance & Tyler Ochoa).)

Recent Chapters & Articles

Myriad, Post-Myriad: Algorithmic Medicine in Light of the Supreme Court Decision in Myriad,” forthcoming in Science & Public Policy (Oxford University Press).

“Patents,” forthcoming in the Oxford Research Handbook of Economics and Finance (Oxford University Press).

“Digital Antitrust,” forthcoming in the Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Digital Technologies (Edward Elgar).

“The Antitrust Logic of Biologics.” University of Illinois Law Review, 46 (2018).

“A Court Divided,” forthcoming in the Chicago-Kent Law Review (an invited response to Solicitor General Seth Waxman’s article on the Federal Circuit and United States Supreme Court).

“A Dormant IP Clause?” forthcoming in the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law.

“Injunctive Relief and Compulsory Licensing Under Indian Patent Law.” In Annotated Leading Patent Cases in Major Asian Jurisdictions (Kung-Chung Liu Ed., 2017).

“Patent Exhaustion on Trial In The United States.” In Global Governance of Intellectual Property In The 21st Century: Reflecting Policy Through Change (Mark Perry Ed., 2016).

“Competition, Markets, and Trademark Transactions.” In The Law and Practice of Trademark Transactions (Irene Calboli & Jacques De Werra Eds., 2016).

“Incentives, Contracts, and Intellectual Property Exhaustion.” In Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Exhaustion and Parallel Imports (Irene Calboli & Edward Lee Eds., 2016).

“Fraud in India.” University of Florida Levin College of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 16-46 (2016). (With D. Daniel Sokol.)

“The Colorblind Marketplace?” In Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship and Social Justice: From Swords to Ploughshares (Lateef Mtima Ed., 2015).

“Genetic Identity and Personalized Medicine Patenting: An Update on Myriad’s Patents Related to Ashkenazim Jewish Ancestry.” In Diversity in Intellectual Property: Identities, Interests, and Intersections (Irene Calboli & Srividhya Ragavan, Eds., 2015).

“The Idea of International Intellectual Property.” In The Sage Handbook of Intellectual Property (Matthew David & Debora J. Halbert Eds., 2015).