Recent and Ongoing Activities

by Shubha Ghosh, Crandall Melvin Professor of Law and Director, IP and Technology Commercialization Law Program and SIPLI

The year 2019 has been incredibly busy with teaching, scholarship, and service, the three pillars of this job. Blogging has low priority, but I will try to catch up over the next several months. Activities over the past several month include

* collaboration with the Faculty of Law on intellectual property issues pertaining to biotechnology at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Australia

*presented research on custom fit design, standardization, and measurement at NYU Law School conference on intellectual property law

* finishing an extended book chapter on patented technologies for the visually impaired

* developing projects for students in the IP and Technology Commercialization Law Program on professional ethics, licensing, and FDA approval issues confronting start-ups (a project involving development of a therapeutic app)

* updates to treatise “Understanding Intellectual Property,” to be published in its fifth edition by Carolina Academic Press

* drafting a book manuscript on Law & Entrepreneurship for the Advanced Topics Series published by Edward Elgar

* collaboration with colleague at Hastings Law School and Bucerius Law School on developments in AI in Germany

* presentations on “Exhausting Intellectual Property Rights,” published by Cambridge University Press in 2018.

More news to follow…

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